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Watershed Communities and Volunteers

Watershed Communities – Local Watersheds in Action

Ausable Bayfield Conservation thanks the individual watershed communities of residents and partners who are planning, and taking action, to improve forest conditions and enhance and protect water quality, in their local ecological neighbourhood –  their watershed.

For more information visit: Communities - Local Watersheds in Action web page

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To find your local watershed community, a local report card on forest conditions and water quality, and recommendations for how you can improve your ecological neighbourhood and create healthier watersheds, view the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Watershed Report Cards.

To learn about positive actions communities are taking around Lake Huron and Georgian Bay visit A Canadian Framework for Community Action at:

Some watershed communities actively involved in local planning and action in Ausable Bayfield watersheds include:

Ausable Bayfield Watershed Communities in Action

Ausable River Recovery Strategy

Conservation Strategy Development Team

Crops and Creeks Huron (Watershed Based Best Management Practices Evaluation WBBE Program)

Old Ausable Channel (ABCA page) / Friends of the Old Ausable Channel (external site)

Zurich Drain Water Quality Enhancement

Bayfield North Watersheds

Port Franks Biodiversity Strategy

Ridgeway Drain Project, Dashwood

Trick's Creek Watershed

Lake Huron - Georgian Bay Watershed - Lake Huron Charter / A Canadian Framework for Community Action

Friends of the South Huron Trail

To find out how to volunteer visit our Get Involved page. Click this link: Get Involved Web Page

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