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Ausable River

About the Ausable River

The Ausable River basin is 1,190 square kilometres in area.

This river begins near Staffa and flows south to Ailsa Craig, where it makes a wide arc to the west.

Prior to 1873, the river traveled north and made a sharp turn in the aptly named Grand Bend. Originally the river flowed southwest to its outlet near Port Franks. Between 1873 and 1875, the course of the river was altered by excavating a channel from the boundary between the former townships of McGillivray and West Williams to Port Franks. 

‘The Cut’ now diverts flow from Grand Bend towards the current river mouth at Port Franks. The main tributaries of the Ausable River include Black Creek, the Little Ausable River, and Nairn Creek.

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About the Ausable River Action Plan (ARAP)

To find out about Canada's approved Ausable River Action Plan (ARAP), which builds upon the former Ausable River Recovery Strategy, visit this web page: