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Virtual tour of Seaforth water treatment

The water tower in Seaforth is part of the Open Well tour by video.


New virtual ‘Open Well’ of Seaforth water treatment facility and tower

Do you know where your drinking water comes from and how it’s treated? A new video provides a virtual tour inside the Seaforth water treatment facility and water tower in the Municipality of Huron East. It features Alyssa Keller who is a public-at-large representative on the Ausable Bayfield Maitland Valley Source Protection Committee (SPC). She is water treatment operator with Jacobs Engineering which is contracted to run the water system. In the past, many municipalities have hosted Open Well tours of their treatment plants for local residents. During the current pandemic, a video provides a way to offer a virtual tour to the public without having multiple people in one location.

“We are pleased to have Alyssa, who is on the ground as a water operator, be part of our Source Protection Committee,” said Matt Pearson, Chair of the Source Protection Committee.

The SPC is made up of different sectors of the community working to protect local municipal water supplies through policies to reduce the risk of contamination from activities near wells and intakes.

“In these socially distanced times, Alyssa helps educate people about how water treatment works and protecting that source of water,” said the SPC Chair. “This is also an excellent resource for online learners.”

The Ausable Bayfield Maitland Valley Source Protection Region released the video on October 23, 2020.

It is available now at these links:

There are several barriers of defence that help to keep drinking water safe and clean in Ontario including the ‘Three T’s – Treatment of water; Testing of water; Training of water operators.’ This video gives the public a front-row seat to some of these barriers of protection.

To find out more visit the Ausable Bayfield Maitland Valley Source Protection Region website at this link:

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