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Rural Landowner Workshop

Workshop for Rural Landowners - Mitchell, Ontario - March 20, 2018

A Workshop for Rural Landowners to take place in Mitchell, Ontario on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Mitchell Community Centre, 185 Wellington Street. 

The event will feature presentations by local subject-area experts such as:

  • Kayla Veldman, Veldman Grain Farm Ltd. on Why do we invest in cover crops?
  • John Enright, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) on Windbreaks Work!;
  • Rachael Scholten, of Ducks Unlimited Canada, on Wetland Restoration - Ducks Unlimited Canada‚Äôs Conservation Programs
  • Tatianna Lozier, UTRCA, on Innovative Best Management Practices (BMPs) - How do they work to reduce phosphorus?

To find out more download this PDF poster:

You may also contact John Enright, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, at 519-451-2800, extension 243, or email

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