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Birds in Ausable Bayfield Conservation Watersheds

Thanks for helping to preserve and enhance habitat for birds and other living things.
People in the watershed community told us through the Conservation Strategy that we should help to protect water, soil, and habitat for living things (including birds).
Please visit the Watershed Report Cards page to learn more about species in Ausable Bayfield watersheds.

For external links with information about birds visit:

Download a local birding brochure (PDF file) from Pinery Provincial Park to find out more about local birds:

Bird Count

Looking to start some new traditions or just get outside? The Christmas Bird Count is the longest-running Citizen Science project. Find out how you you can get involved: 

Find out how you can get involved in the Christmas season bird count:

For the young people, here is Christmas Season Bird Count for Kids:

Bird Tally Form from Birds Canada:
Bird Identification Guide from Birds Canada

Thanks for all you do to protect habitat for birds and other living things.