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Lucan Conservation Area

Visit Lucan Conservation Area in historic Lucan, Ontario, Canada.
Where is it?

Lucan Conservation Area, 5420 William Street, Lucan, Ontario, Canada

How do I get there?

This Google Map may help:

Why should I visit?

Lucan Conservation Area is an eight-acre property adjacent to the Little Ausable River in the McGillivray Ward of North Middlesex.

Half of the property is flood plain and the remainder is a rolling upland hardwood forest.

The Little Ausable subwatershed has a high level of stress with respect to water quality.

The property, although small, improves subwatershed health.

Lucan Conservation Area is a popular fishing destination.

How do I find out more?

Download the Lucan Conservation Area brochure:

Permitted Uses

For permitted (and prohibited) uses, please visit the 'Permitted Uses' web page at this link: