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Fees for Conservation Education Programs

(Updated January 18, 2023)

Ausable Bayfield Conservation offers a range of prices, for conservation education programs, to suit most budgets.

Discounts apply when booking multiple programs on the same day. All fees include harmonized sales tax (HST).

All programs have a maximum participant number of 35 and minimum fee is charged for 17 students when participant numbers fall below 17 students.

An additional instructor can be available for an additional fee.

Please be sure to read our Education Program Policies 

Outdoor Programs
  • Half-Day Program (2 hours)
    • $7.65/ student (Minimum fee $130.05)
  • Full-Day Program (2 x 2 hour programs)
    • $14.25 / student (Minimum fee $242.25)

When adults are accompanying a school group on a field trip, nine (9) adults per class are included free of charge. 

In-School Programs

In-school programs are designed to use indoor space, but Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) conservation education staff have made a concerted effort to evaluate and redesign classroom programs for outdoor spaces. Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has used all available documentation and protocols to make programs safe and suitable for learning in your schoolyard.

When the timing is right, Ausable Bayfield Conservation will be able to bring these programs back to the indoor classroom.

  • Single program (One teaching block = 80 minutes) $120.00/class up to 35 students
  • Three programs at an ABCA watershed school (3 teaching blocks = 240 minutes) $350.00 / day / staff
  • Three programs at an MVCA watershed school (3 teaching blocks = 240 minutes) $450.00 / day / staff
  • Virtual program (30-60 minutes) - $100 /presentation/event/workshop
SHSM Soil or GPS Certification
  • $22.60 / student/ program 
I.C.E Training Facilitation
  • $450 / day / staff
Community Programs
  • Non-Profit Group Program (1.5-2 hours) – $120.00
  • Virtual Programs (1 hour) - $100.00
Other Education Fees
  • Bluebird House or Bat Box Kit –  $14.00
  • Assembled Bluebird House or Bat Box –  $17.00
  • Snowshoe Rental per pair per day – $5.25
  • Snowshoe rental per pair per weekend –  $11.00
  • Snowshoe rental per pair for Christmas holiday – $22.00 (Snowshoes must be returned on first business day in January)
  • Snowshoe rental per set of 30 – $90.00