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Go Global – Tree Monitoring Plot at Bannockburn Conservation Area


By measuring what is changing in our forests and calculating their rate of change, we can begin to understand more about global warming and the effects of human impact and climate change on biodiversity. This will allow us to make appropriate decisions for the future of our forests.

Biological diversity monitoring to assess the impacts of future atmospheric change on biodiversity has become a community effort across Canada at schools, conservation authorities, universities, biospheres, reserves, parks and other long term protected areas.  Individuals are making a difference by getting involved in the excitement of measuring locally and reporting globally.


In partnership with the Association for Canadian Educational Resources (ACER), the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) has established a one-hectare plot at the Bannockburn Conservation Area. The plot is divided into twenty-five 20 metre by 20 metre quadrats. The goal is to have each quadrat monitored within the first year.  Subsequent measurements will be taken five years later to monitor changes. Individuals will work as a team, with each individual assigned a specific task, to complete the quadrat(s).

What information is collected? (trees > 4 cm)
  • Tree location
  • Tree identification
  • Tree status and stance
  • Tree health
  • Crown status and width
  • Tree diameter
  • Tree height
What equipment is used?
  • Compass
  • Measuring tape
  • Calipers
  • Clinometer (for height)