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Land tract donated in memory of Delton Finkbeiner

A seasonal (vernal) pool at Finkbeiner Tract.


Family donates land tract, in Hay Swamp provincially significant wetland complex, in memory of ‘Fink’
Paul Finkbeiner and his son Dalton create living local legacy, donate Finkbeiner Tract in memory of late Delton ‘Fink’ Finkbeiner

Paul Finkbeiner and his son Dalton have honoured the late Delton ‘Fink’ Finkbeiner by donating the Finkbeiner Tract property in the provincially significant Hay Swamp wetland complex. Donating this property to the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) was a way for the Finkbeiner Family to create a lasting, local land legacy. The late Delton Finkbeiner commonly went by Dalton, and Fink. 

Paul says donating this property to Ausable Bayfield Conservation is a great way to remember his uncle, Fink. “It’s wonderful to know his name and memory will always be remembered as that land is conserved,” Paul said. “He loved the great outdoors and I think this is a wonderful way to leave a legacy for the future in his honour.”

Dalton says his great uncle loved the land and loved his community, and the donation of the tract is a fitting remembrance. “As the Finkbeiner Tract name, and the property, are conserved for the future, it is a way to remember him and his legacy,” Dalton said. “I would like to think people using the property will think about him and his contribution to this area.”

The Finkbeiner Tract is south of Highway 83 on the east side of Parr Line. The property will be closed to the public until ABCA staff can complete a risk management inspection and erect signage for the property. Please visit ABCA’s website at for updates about the status of the public access to this property. 

There will be no formal trails on the Finkbeiner Tract but hiking will be permitted when it opens. Also permitted will be snowshoeing, birdwatching, and hunting (permitted only with the purchase of a valid ABCA Hunting Permit). All motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited in this nature area.

The Ausable River runs through the property and the property plays an important role in managing runoff and contributing towards improved water quality and watershed health. The property will also provide unique opportunities for the community for nature appreciation and permitted outdoor recreation activities.

“I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Paul and Dalton Finkbeiner for this memorial donation,” said Nathan Schoelier, ABCA Stewardship and Lands Manager. “Forests and wetlands are important for watershed health. They provide many benefits including wildlife habitat and to contain floodwaters to help reduce downstream flooding and erosion,” he said. “The generous donation of this property, by the Finkbeiner Family, benefits the health of the watershed, and the community.”

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