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Huron County Clean Water Project

The County of Huron provides grants for water quality projects by county landowners, residents, and community groups – through the Huron County Clean Water Project. 

Ausable Bayfield Conservation and Maitland Conservation provide service delivery.

To apply for funding or for information on grants available to landowners, residents, and community groups for your projects contact stewardship staff at: 519-235-2610 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610.

If you are in the Maitland Valley watershed, contact Maitland Conservation at 519-335-3557.

For more information on the Huron County Clean Water Project visit:

Your success

Huron County residents have, with support of the Huron County Clean Water Project:

  • Completed 3,371 water quality projects in total
  • Planted 931 acres of trees
  • Established 216 kilometres of windbreaks
  • Upgraded 415 private wells
  • Decommissioned 610 unused wells
  • Decommissioned 103 liquid manure storages
  • Planted 631,176 trees
  • Completed 926 tree planting projects
  • Completed 278 erosion control projects
  • Completed 160 Forest Management Plans
  • Fenced cattle out of 25 kilometres of streams
  • Planted 25,000 acres of cover crops

Thank you! That's good for water, soil ... and the economy!

More than $13.9 million in total project value!

The Huron County Clean Water Project is celebrating more than 15 years of financial and technical assistance to improve and protect water quality on Huron County farms and rural properties.

Since 2005 county residents have completed more than 3,300 stewardship projects using funds received from the Clean Water Project.

The Huron County Clean Water Project is one of the most successful on-the-ground water quality improvement projects in the province. Funding from the County of Huron is combined with other cost-share programs and landowner contributions. The projects have a total value of more than $13.9 million – that’s good for the environment and the economy.

Limited funding assistance covering up to 50 per cent of the costs of eligible projects is awarded annually to county residents. Farmers can combine this funding with other cost-share programs.