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Wetland and Stormwater Enhancement

Protect and enhance natural areas on your property (woodlots, meadows, streamside vegetation).

Plant native trees, shrubs, plants, filter strips, bioswales.

Watch for wet areas.

Contact Your Local Wetland Experts

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Each individual project is a step towards improving the water quality of our entire watershed.

To find out about stormwater enhancements you can make on your property – and to find out about grants and technical advice – please contact Angela VanNiekerk, or 519-235-2610 ext 259.

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A photo of a restored wetland, before and after.

About Wetlands

Wetlands are areas of land that are wet for all, or a portion, of the year. They tend to have soils that drain poorly and support water-loving plants such as Cattails, Sedges, Rushes, Blue Flag Iris, Willows, and Dogwoods. Wetlands filter water. This helps to remove contaminants.

In addition to water quality and water quantity benefits, wetlands capture carbon. They provide habitat for waterfowl, as well as more than 600 species of plants and animals, some of which are species at risk. They are one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in Ontario.

Stormwater projects absorb and store water during storm or flood events as well as release needed water during drier times. This helps to reduce damage from both flooding and droughts.

Stormwater may cause flooding and erosion on your land. There may be areas to improve filtration (cover crops), or to add pasture strips around woodlot edges; to control the water with berms or rain gardens; or trap and treat with buffer strips or ponds.

Wetland restoration and stormwater enhancement is a community effort that benefits downstream areas of our watershed community. These areas improve water quality and reduce sediment, supporting species-at-risk mussels and fishes and their habitats. They may expand on natural areas and provide cleaner drinking water for people.

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